Bishop CPC Benchmark (x64) v2.04 Released!

Added continued support for the latest version of CPU-z (hopefully indefinitely).
Upgraded to .NET 4.6.2 / Windows 10.1

HWBOT support coming soon!

How-To: Fix Intermittent “Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common'” (ASP.NET / C#)

Full Error Message:

Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Seeing this issue on Windows 10 Anniversary, currently, and I suspect it is a GAC registration issue.

You don’t normally have to reference ReportViewer.Common to projects anymore, although I suppose you could manually do this as first option. I recommend against this, since you need to repair the GAC registration, which is the underlying problem.

Project builds and runs without any error, even with the registered assembly in your project is ReportViewer.WebForms (2015 / v12) then afterwards gives you the above build error about not finding ReportViewer.Commons

Best Resolution
Resolution is a manual install/reinstall of Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 runtime redistributable package from Microsoft.


Should resolve the intermittent build error without having to change your project.

Third Option:

  1. Alternatively you could drop your ReportViewer reference in your project.
  2. Save project.
  3. Close Project.
  4. Close Visual Studio 2015.
  5. Update Visual Studio 2015 to Update 3, or if on Update 3, modify the install so you do a repair.
  6. Open latest version of VStudio 2015.
  7. Open Project.
  8. Re-Add Reference to ReportViewer.WebForms.
  9. Save Project.
  10. Close Project.
  11. Close Visual Studio 2015.
  12. Re-open Visual Studio 2015.
  13. Open project a 3rd time and it should be working.

DNC Vetted Delegates For Events/Committees – Denied Them If Delegate Was Against DWS Or Pro-Bernie – Moderator Censored Original

First off, the moderators removed my original post under Rule 6, no article, video or sound clip. I was not contacted or messaged about this, while plenty of WikiLeaks are still on /R/Politics and one is also on the front page.

So here is the original Email:
DNC vetted Delegates For Events/Committees – Denied them if Delegate Was against DWS or Pro-Bernie


Here is the original Reddit Thread:

DNC vetted Delegates For Events/Committees – Denied them if Delegate Was against DWS or Pro-Bernie from politics

Here is a fellow submitted Reddit Thread From WikiLeaks that wasn’t removed (aka censored) on the front-page (7/26/2016):

Clinton: "I was surprised that he used personal email account if he is at State" from politics

Images of Tweets Used As Evidence:

DNC Delegate Denied Vetting if Anti-DWS or Pro-Bernie

Additional Email Quotes:

Let’s loop in Luis too. My first reaction is no, but on further thought, *strong>Kruel could turn this back on us and say she was denied attendance by the big bad establishment.

Source: WikiLeaks

she bought another ticket late last night. We could collect phones at the door. That way they couldn’t film and post any stunts they try to pull.

Agree with Luis. We need to make sure we don’t have an incident with signs posters shouting matches. Not a good look either. – TP

If most others vet it’s hard to see how telling her she can’t come and refunding her $50 doesn’t turn into a story. It may not be worth the trouble to deny her, and it might be what she’s looking for, any excuse to rail against us.

Source: WikiLeaks